What's web hosting?

Name the activity or business of providing storage space and access to websites. Simply put, web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to host a website on the World Wide Web. Website content, such as HTML, CSS and images, must be hosted on a server so that it can be viewed online. Web hosting is a service that provides you with the technologies and services necessary to bring your website online.

Once your website is online, people can access it from anywhere in the world. Web hosting companies provide you with a domain name, a website builder, an email, and other essential tools and services to keep your site up and running. Hosting (also known as website hosting, web hosting, and web hosting) is the business of hosting, storing and maintaining files for one or more websites. More important than the computer space provided for the files on the Web site is the fast connection to the Internet.

Most hosting services offer online connections to the T-carrier system. Typically, an individual company hosting its own site would require a similar connection and would be expensive. Using a hosting service allows many companies to share the cost of a fast Internet connection for the file server. In the most basic terms, web hosting is the service that allows a person or organization to publish a website on the Internet.

While we can think of websites as something that only exists digitally, the truth is that physical resources are also needed to feed Internet content, mainly in the form of servers.

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